In collaboration with Chris Potter (when he was in Liqun Luo's lab) and Torsten Rohlfing (formerly Stanford, SRI, now at Google) I have developed/applied techniques for mapping different fly brains into a common frame of reference and then using this for analysing the spatial relationships between different neurons. The software and approaches are likely to be of general relevance in neuroanatomy.

The key software component is a suite of tools (CMTK) that Torsten has written for 3D image registration and analysis. On top of this I have built a variety of data analysis tools in R along with some very simple visualisation scripts in amira.


These wiki pages include information about many common issues using these registration approaches, but you are always welcome to contact the the CMTK user group (for issues with the core registration software) or the nat-user google group (for issues with registration GUIs or R analysis tools).

Published Information

The original Cell paper and Supplemental Information

Ann-Shyn Chiang's 2007 Cell paper

Cachero, Ostrovsky 2010 Current Biology paper This page of links includes details of the analysis for our paper describing sex differences in the fly brain at the level of gross morphology and individual neuronal clusters.

Richard Axel's recent paper (Datta, Vasconcelos et al.) using a similar warping technique, including their Supplemental Information

Ann-Shyn Chiang's FlyCircuit paper in Current Biology


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