CMTK can binaries can be downloaded from the project homepage and are generally the way to go. On a mac we currently use the dmg installer for macosx 10.6 NOT macports.

However you may also want to compile from scratch. On a mac this looks like this:


Get the source

Use svn (see NITRC page) to get the official source or use git to clone my unofficial github mirror (daily updates) :

git clone git:// # public repo, read only

to clone a git mirror of the svn repository.


cd cmtk/core
mkdir buildv31 # I normally make a build directory for each public release
cd buildv31
cmake -C ../config/OSX-10.8-x86_64.cmake .. # -C [config script] <cmtk_source_root_dir>
make -j 8 # -j 8 uses 8 threads if you are in a hurry
sudo make install

Note that OSX-10.8-x86_64.cmake config should work for macosx >10.6


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