An introduction to NBLAST from Greg.


Search options

Very quick example of comparing 2 FlyCircuit neurons.

Searching for GMR GAL4 lines that label specific FlyCircuit neurons

Detailed example of making a tracing of a part of a group of neurons in registered image data downloaded from virtualflybrain.org.

Traced neurons can then be used as a query for NBLAST online (detailed run through).

Local install

Exploring Neuron Clusters

NBLAST Desktop


Assuming you have a neuron tracing, here is how to find the most similar neuron in a database in R using the nat.nblast package.

Here is an example of how to run code that generates some of the figures in our paper. The code for all figures is available on our lab github repo.


We recommend Chrome for NBLAST online, but you can also use Firefox or Safari. For Safari you must activate WebGL: Here’s how.