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Scores are NBLAST (version 2) similarity scores between each neuron and the exemplar (VGlut-F-500043), normalised to the self-score of the exemplar. The higher the better! Scores > 0 indicate a match of some sort. Excellent matches will have scores > 0.5.

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Raw data provided by as described in Three-Dimensional Reconstruction of Brain-wide Wiring Networks in Drosophila at Single-Cell Resolution by Ann-Shyn Chiang et al.

Image processing carried out with unu, CMTK, and Fiji.

Further processing carried out in R with nat. Clustering used package apcluster. 3D visualisation written from rgl by writeWebGL.

Similar clusters

The most similar clusters to this one are:

Cluster Exemplar Supercluster Exemplar normalised score
874 Trh-F-100011 III 0.39
76 fru-M-300240 III 0.36
468 VGlut-F-600670 III 0.22
661 Tdc2-F-000027 VII 0.09
989 VGlut-F-200014 I 0.04

Cluster composition

This cluster has 7 neurons. The exemplar of this cluster (VGlut-F-500043) is drawn in black.

Neuron idid Gene name Driver Sex Raw score Normalised score
VGlut-F-500043 15821 DvGlutMARCM-F229_seg1 VGlut-Gal4 F 83118.60 1.00
fru-M-200087 1621 FruMARCM-M000741_seg003 fru-Gal4 M 29973.10 0.37
Cha-F-100318 4364 ChaMARCM-F001421_seg002 Cha-Gal4 F 2515.58 0.28
VGlut-F-300542 7995 DvGlutMARCM-F003817_seg001 VGlut-Gal4 F 18463.56 0.40
VGlut-F-500398 11965 DvGlutMARCM-F002499_seg001 VGlut-Gal4 F 47461.99 0.59
VGlut-F-500014 15679 DvGlutMARCM-F094_seg1 VGlut-Gal4 F 68484.61 0.85
VGlut-F-200114 16219 DvGlutMARCM-F595_seg1 VGlut-Gal4 F 49781.65 0.60