Coherent Chameleon Vision (A, below). Specs are here

Core Microscope

Sutter MOM (Moveable Objective Microscope).

  • Fluorescence path
    • Point Grey Grasshopper CCD camera (A)
    • Olympus tube lens (B)
    • Olympus epi-fluorescence path (from BX51) (C)
    • Mirrors of MOM core (L)
    • Objective lens (variable) (E)
  • Two-photon detection path
    • Objective lens (E)
    • Dichroic mirror in MOM core (L)
    • Hamamatsu PMTs (and collection optics) (F)
    • Hamamatsu pre-amps (G)
  • Other
    • PMT Power supply (H)
    • iMac (O)
    • Power meters (J)
    • Power sensor (K)
    • Stage (D)
    • Cage light (M)
    • Cage (N)
    • Thorlabs cubes (for controlling half-wave plate, fluorescence LED, and shutter (I)
    • Odour presentation manifold (P)
    • Aaron's junk (Q)

Scan System

Fast scan 6mm mirrors (Cambridge 6215) and scanner driver electronics (includes two Cambridge Technologies 671XX-HP Micromax scanner driver boards)


Hamamatsu H7422 P40-MOD unprotected GAsP PMTs (Hamamatsu part number, H10770PB-40 SEL) and Hamamatsu C3719 pre amps. The power supply is labeled “Sutter PS-2” but it looks suspiciously like two Hamamatsu model C3830 supplies piled into a Sutter box. I can't find any info on the PS-2, but the Hamatsu specs are here or here. This is just a guess on my part, so if you are really fussed about these specs, it would probably be best to contact Sutter.

Other Parts

  • Filters/dichroic for detection
    • Chroma
  • Table
    • Newport Smart Table UT2 with IQ Damping Technology
  • Attenuation
    • Thorlabs (WPH05M) rotating half-wave plate (B) and fixed (GL10-B) Glan-Laser polariser (D) to control beam intensity
    • Non-polarising (Thorlabs CM1-BS014) 50:50 beam splitter (F) to divide the beam
    • Variable (Thorlabs BE02-05-B) beam expander (I) to control objective (over/under) filling
  • Power measurement
    • J beam sampler (reflected portion is angle dependent - currently around 3%)
    • L Power meter
      • note that you need to re-calibrate the linear relationship between power meter reading and power at the objective back aperture if you
      • knock/realign J
      • put telescope in
  • Shutters
    • Thorlabs SH05 (G) This shutter is normally opened by scanImage during a run. Additionally, it is connected to an interlock on the shroud door, forced closed when the door is open.
  • Beam steering on table
    • Thorlabs mirrors (E, H)
  • Beam trap
    • Thorlabs BT610/M (C, K)
  • PCs for control
    • Lenovo Thinkstation with NI DAQ board (NI 6110E) for ScanImage operation
    • iMac with Micromanager



Filters for PMTs

Alex set up the filter cube for the PMTs as below:

         RED CHANNEL
       | HQ605/75 \/ |
G  |   |\*
R  | E | \*
E  | T |  \*
E  | 5 |   \*
N  | 2 |    \*
   | 5 |     \*
C  | / |      \*
H  | 7 |       \*
A  | 0 |        \*
N  |   |         \*
N  |   |          \*
E  | > |           \*
L  |   |            \*

The filters are by Chroma and the arrows point towards the coated side.

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