Supplementary data to accompany:

Functional and Anatomical Specificity in a Higher Olfactory Centre
Shahar Frechter, Alexander S. Bates, Sina Tootoonian, Michael-John Dolan, James D. Manton, Arian Jamasb, Johannes Kohl, Davi Bock, Gregory S.X.E. Jefferis

The easiest way to explore LHN cell types described in this manuscript is via the LH library web application:

The R packages, electrophysiological and anatomical data for the analyses presented in the paper are available on GitHub as follows:

  • physplit.analysis source code for analysis functions
  • physplitdata anatomical and odour response data for recorded neurons
  • lhns complete library of LH input, local and output neurons
  • gphys R package to analyse electrophysiology data acquired by Neuromatic / Igor Pro
  • LHlibrary Web application to share complete library of LH input, local and output neurons

Note that the lhns package includes annotated skeleton data originally associated with Ann-Shyn Chiang's manuscript “Three-dimensional reconstruction of brain-wide wiring networks in Drosophila at single-cell resolution” (Current Biology 2011, 21(1), pp.1-11). Images from FlyCircuit were obtained from the NCHC (National Center for High-performance Computing) and NTHU (National Tsing Hua University), Hsinchu, Taiwan. We are grateful to Professor Chiang for his leadership in making these data freely available.

Data Download

In addition to the repositories above, we also provide a packaged version of our annotated library of LHN morphologies

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