D. sechellia template brains were constructed by Richard Benton and Greg Jefferis using the CMTK registration toolkit essentially as described in Cachero et al. 2010. The MakeAverageBrain script collections were used at commit 5c411ecb2e9d971e1cefd327c4504c9bc0b2a36b.

The template brains have been uploaded to Zenodo and therefore have a DOI associated with a specific version.

Bridging registrations were constructed essentially as described in Manton et al 2014. This made use of the Fiji CMTK plugin.

The resultant registrations are available for download at https://github.com/jefferislab/DrosophilidBridgingRegistrations. They can most easily be used for transforming image data or 3D coordinates. Transforming coordinates, neuron tracings and surface models is most easily achieved using the nat toolbox and in particular the nat.flybrains which bundles support for these Dsec template brains.

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