This website accompanies Manton et al. Combining genome-scale Drosophila 3D neuroanatomical data by bridging template brains and acts as a hub for demonstrations of our bridging registration approach and associated R package, nat.flybrains, along with some features of the NeuroAnatomy Toolbox.


For problem-solving, or for more information beyond that contained in the manuscript, please use the nat-user google group shown in the FAQ page.

You can also contact Greg Jefferis at jefferis at mrc-lmb dot cam dot ac dot uk.

Software and data used

We used the Computational Morphometry Toolkit for image registration, particularly the munger script therein, using these scripts for template brain construction. Image processing and analysis was performed with a combination of Fiji/ImageJ and unu. Image registration was coordinated using, with R being used for general analysis.